Get to Know Jesus Totally

by Pastor Dean A. Brown

John 1:1,14
Everything that Jesus said and did when He walked on this earth is a reflection of who He is. Notice I didn’t say “who He was” but “who He is.” That’s because He still remains the same (Hebrews 13:8) today as when He walked on the earth.

There are two very important things we need to do as a result of this revelation.

  1. We need to acquaint ourselves with what He said and what He did while He walk among men.
  2. We need to acquaint ourselves with the writings in the Epistles so that we might increase in our knowledge of Him.

You might ask “Why is the second so important?” The answer, if you can accept it will revolutionize your life.

It is not enough to know what Jesus said and did. If that’s all you know you will miss out on the fullness of all He intended for you. It is through the revelations found in the epistles, especially those of Paul, that you and I come to know what was accomplished in and through Christ that makes us who we are and need to be in our Christian walk. No believer can be all they should be without this knowledge. When you get to know Him totally, through the words He spoke, the life He lived, and the revelation of Him found in the Epistles, you will also discover who you can and should be. The Word that became flesh, the Living Word, you will discover, now lives in you by His Spirit, empowering you to be in this world even as He was when he walked among men.

Get to know Him totally. Don’t be satisfied with partial knowledge of the One whom the Bible tells us is “Christ in you, the hope of glory.”

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  1. giles pulman says:

    wonderful, “Christ in you, the hope of glory” – what a mighty thing. Everywhere you go God goes with you.

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