Our Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

“Be a Blessing”

These words were given by the Lord to Pastor Dean Brown in July 1988. The Lord said that He was sending Pastor Dean to RHEMA Bible Training Center to be “… filled with God’s Word, so you may go home and be a blessing…” Everything we do at Christ Alive must be measured against these words. They are God’s words to us. They are our driving force.

Vision Statement

We are a Word based, Spirit-filled, Spirit-led church and ministry that is committed to taking the Word of God to our generation. We are dedicated to impacting the lives of individuals, families, our community, and the world with the Word and the love of God through every available means.

Our Commitment

A Local Church

As a local church, at Christ Alive Christian Center, we teach the Word of God, with the manifested presence, and power of the Holy Spirit. We are a local church that impacts the community and city, not only with its presence, but also with outward, visible expressions of God’s love.

We are a local church, with a multi-ethnic congregation, fully reflective of the diverse population of the city. Our church works and operates for the glory and extension of the Kingdom of God, in partnership with the Body of Christ.

Christ Alive Christian Center is Committed to Being a Vibrant, Effective Local Church.

The Family

The family and the church are inter-dependent. One of the primary purposes of the church is to help in building strong, godly families. At the same time, strong, godly, families also help to build the church. Christ Alive Christian Center is a local church, where families can worship together, and a place where the word, knowledge, and love of God can be ministered to fathers, mothers, and children and youth.

Christ Alive Christian Center is Committed to Building Strong, Godly Families.

Reaching the World

The Great Commission (Matthew 28:19, 20; Mark 16:15-18), tells us to take the gospel to the whole world. Christ Alive Christian Center is committed to using every possible means to reach the world (Matthew 24:14) with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Some of the ways we will go about fulfilling this commission is through television, the internet, radio, books, and other printed literature; financial support of nationals, missionaries, and ministries, with a world vision; planting and building churches.

Christ Alive Christian Center is Committed to World Evangelism.

Youth and Children

Christ Alive Christian Center is committed to “Raising a generation of young people empowered by the Holy Spirit, who will go and change a generation.” This will be achieved through youth and children’s church services, retreats, seminars, trips, and fellowships.

Christ Alive Christian Center is committed to building Dynamic Youth & Children’s Ministries.

Christ Alive Christian Center is committed to being a blessing.