Women of Excellence Ministry

Women of Excellence MinistryWomen of Excellence emphasizes the unlimited opportunities open to women to be victorious over-comers in their personal lives, family lives, and in their relationship with people in general. We also believe that every woman, whatever their age or status, should be ministered to according to her needs.

The meetings and events are focused on teaching, learning, and ministering to each other through Biblical principles, and principles for healthy and successful living. There are great times of serious study and lighthearted fun.


To develop women of all ages who are graceful, faithful, strong and wise and who are actively involved in the Kingdom of God.


To touch the lives of women by the transforming power of Jesus Christ, discipling them to follow His example, and training them to lead, mentor, and minister to others.


  • To reach women through the life transforming power and love of Jesus Christ.
  • To disciple women to follow Christ’s example and live overcoming lives.
  • To build wholeness and balance – spiritually, mentally, and physically through consistent prayer, study of the Word of God, and sound and healthy lifestyle.
  • To cultivate relationships among women of all age groups that foster mentoring.
  • To host conferences, seminars, and workshops focusing on topics that build self-esteem, personal development and empowerment, home management and general etiquette.
  • To encourage and empower women to find their places of ministry and effectively touch as well as have a lasting positive impact on their world for Christ.


Pastor Debrah E. Brown