Dunamis Youth Ministry

Pastor’s Vision

“Raising Up a Generation of Young People Empowered by The Holy Spirit, Who Will Go and Change a Generation.” We believe that with the help of the Lord, parents, leaders, and mentors , we will see young men and women grow in grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Our Goal

The goal of the Dunamis Youth Ministry, is to enhance teen development by focusing on two areas, MINISTRY and FELLOWSHIP. Some of the ways that we accomplish these goals are through; Encouraging and educating our teens to become acquainted with, and develop their own personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Prayer, drama skits, and interactive discussions deal with valuable bible, and life lessons. Monthly activities provide an empowering, “Christ-centered” group where teens can enjoy friendly conversation, along with music, games.

Spiritual Goals


Our desire is help each youth to be able to: Know for themselves that they are born again (John 3:7), and have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Learn to understand the purpose of, and the desire to, be baptized in the Holy Ghost, with the evidence of speaking in tongues (Acts 4:2). Lead someone to Christ (Rom.10-9-10). Explain your beliefs in the Bible, and the need for a relationship with God, through Jesus Christ (Rom. 1:16; Ph. 2:12). Understand the importance of church fellowship & involvement in the body of Christ (Heb. 10:25). Have awareness of the purpose and need for missions. Be able to identify those who have a desire to become involved in mission activities. (Mark 16:15). Learn how to flow and yield to the Holy Ghost. (Luke 12:12)

Natural Goals

Our desire is to help each youth to: Discover their individual interests, talents, and abilities. To guide them to a place where the resources are available for them to actively pursue their dreams, ambitions and desires.

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